• If we can't pay for our fees by eliminating expenses while increasing income then we don't deserve your business.

  • Efficiency and smart use of time impact the bottom line, therefore the first 45 minutes of all maintenance calls are included in our monthly management fee. 90% of all maintenance can be solved in 45 minutes or less so we don't stall rather we solve.

  • The last five years have witnessed a historic evolution of our real estate markets. The new realities of today's market demand flexibility and sustainability. All of our services are cafeteria based, providing investors the flexibility in selecting which of our solutions to deploy. Sustainability demands we charge single and duplex tenants actual water expense. Larger multi unit buildings require a running 30 day average to be utilized to determine billing of tenants. Regardless of building size, today's marketplace insists that tenants are responsible for their water usage.

  • Another facet of real estate's new marketplace is the rental for sale. The cost structure of property ownership demands revenue, therefore we successfully rent while these properties are being marketed for sale.

Finally, we embrace the concept that each investor needs every ounce of income, cost reduction, and protection available in the marketplace. We are duty bound to bust our humps in delivering these advantages and protections.




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